A Threefold Shield For The Mankind

Mankind came from the hands of the creator with a great capacity for improvement and eventually ushered into full access to the very presence of God. Before the man can be uplifted to repopulate the heavens, he must prove himself faithful to God, not in some ways but in all ways. God provided everything that man needed before creating him. 

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The Signboard Leading Sinwards

The Signboard Leading To SinHas no sin written anywhereIt looks as though it’s a higher privilegeAccepting to take the final turn ‘sinwards’. The Signboard Leading To SinHas in its carefully written prospectusThings that don’t look sinfulSuch things as “let’s live for the moment.” The Signboard Leading To SinAppeals to our false concept of God’s goodness,God’s […]

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Innocent is Sweet

I saw a baby giggling at the gentle touch of a stranger,I saw village kids grateful to see an old rickety rackety dump truck pass by,As a little boy, I couldn’t wait to play in the rain or slide on a muddy slope after rain,While herding my father’s flock, I would count all the vehicles […]

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I want to be Great!

I want to be Great!Not by taking advantage of the ignorance of the people,Nor knocking down those who possess what I need in order to feel great,Neither by swindling people into selling their birthright to me,But I want to be great…,By waking up a while earlier than everyone to accomplish some tasks,By spending my liquor […]

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I miss Myself

I miss myself,The glad trusting me who was confident that solutions would come,The care free me who walked around making powerful melodies of “This is my Father’s world”,The consistent me who kept their circadian rhythm at synchrony,The studious me who kept advancing voraciously for the Good Book,The faithful me who could be trusted with duties,The […]

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I’m Not Your Village Mate

You know it well,How as little boys we played and revelled,Taking every conceivable shape,Like putty in someone’s hand,Fitting in all crevices whence kindness served us mirth,And in the village soccer team,We enjoyed the game as long as the man of means granted us probation,Otherwise, we would be forced to worship him,And sometimes make a deliberate […]

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