The ability to wait patiently for things to fall in place at the fullness of time, is something that is highly appreciated. Those who can withstand the unpleasantness of the here and now, in preparation for the sweet by and by, are considered men and women of stellar moral convictions. You have heard before, when men and women of experience, recommend the concept of delayed gratification, especially to youths and teens who are trying to crack the code of life.



Have you ended up spending more than you wanted to? Or, to put it differently, have you ever been misled by the face value, and you end up spending more than the amount you intended to spend, or end up paying more than what you can see on the price tag? 


Your Best is Good Enough

There is always room for improvement,As we see in the appraisal letters,As well you can be promised better,If you put more effort next time,And it seems it is almost taking another shape,Being a vicious circle of an upward look,With a margin of improvement yet again,Being dangled unto us soliciting our reach,And to many we are […]

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You Better Get You Ready!

You have made it through the steep slope,  And on the top, you are gloriously standing, Basking on the warmth of the glorious summit, Congratulations, Only remember one thing, After the peak comes another depression, A threatening precipice or a gorge it may be, So, while you are celebrating your accomplishment, Remember to have your […]

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“Please Mind the old man!”

I saw him trudging slowly,  Burdened with weights,  Suffering from obvious fatigues of a long journey,  Her daughter also lifted whatever the luggage remained,  Innocent and simple,  I concluded that it was her first time in Nairobi.  But she was safe, a caring father endured all odds greatest of which is age,  To see her […]

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Dealing with People; A skill You Will be Paid For, But Which is Never Taught in Class.

This title could be a whole cauldron of disappointment to those who have invested more time in class, hoping they will command higher figures. Probably, those who deem themselves street smart can be tempted to think their turn has finally arrived. This is another enlisting for bitter pills.  This piece of work neither fights intellectual […]

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