The Signboard Leading Sinwards

The Signboard Leading To SinHas no sin written anywhereIt looks as though it’s a higher privilegeAccepting to take the final turn ‘sinwards’. The Signboard Leading To SinHas in its carefully written prospectusThings that don’t look sinfulSuch things as “let’s live for the moment.” The Signboard Leading To SinAppeals to our false concept of God’s goodness,God’s […]

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A firm and Desperate Companionship

It’s a firm union,Sustained with sable pinion,That exists between folks essentially evil,And the devil, But though firm,It’s it’s only for a term,It’s a desperate companionship,And a failed internship, While the sinner wants but cannot escape,The devil is equally unable to scape,And sooner when the devil must be cremated, Sinner’s only chance will be declared unconsummated, […]

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The Deceitfulness of Sin

If I were asked to do the work of sales and marketing of sin as the merchandise, I would refuse, even if the salary was generous. My refusal, apart from being based on ethical concerns, could be Influenced by the difficulty of the assignment. I know I risk political incorrectness because the reality in practice […]

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