Dark and Lovely

Tempted, tried, and sometimes lost,Yet you’ve gathered your bits and pieces and marched to Calvary again,Faced delays and setbacks, generously served,Yet you’ve kept your head up and want to try something again,Lost a relationship and friendship,Yet you’ve started panel-beating yourself into shape before you get to the next,Beaten and roughed up at the fort,Yet still […]

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The Story behind the story

”Those who advance most as human beings are those with the self-awareness to know when they have screwed up, and what they must do to get better. They have lived full lives, yes; but they have also learned deep lessons” – Sunny Bindra Have you ever found yourself in an audience where the speaker is […]

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The Decision

Throughout the twists and turns of life, one constant remains: The Almighty’s presence; For His existence and essence are never obliterated by life’s convoluted happenings.

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We have had to endure cold,And wander in privation untold,We have hard to settle for spaces flint,With comfort but a pint,We have had to maintain our fidelity,When the chords around sing infidelity,What about hostility to piety?In all the feasts of gaiety?So we must crack our heads all the time,Finding an excuse to let go of […]


A  Capital Better than MONEY

People are extremely in a hurry nowadays. It seems like we do have less than twenty-four hours nowadays. So, If you don’t have time to read this article, you can still get the idea from a single quotation in this article. Just scheme through and find in the book entitled “Education”, then continue with your […]

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I Still Love Beautiful Things

I may have had it rough and bumpy,The highway screeching and screaming,But I still love beautiful things,I will hold on to the steering wheel a little while,For I can’t give up hope,Or, to be bolder, giving up is too costly for me. The journey looks endless,The horizon stretching afar off,But I still love beautiful things,And […]

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