Do Animals Have Moral Responsibility?

I think animals to some extent know what is right and wrong within their acceptable framework. That is why a donkey will kick in retaliation to show their dissatisfaction when cornered with overwork, and dogs will play with and hug familiar faces but scare life out of strangers. I have an experience with goats when I was a little boy, that is coming in handy in this discourse. I remember some goats which would slither on their bellies like snakes when invading plantations to escape the all-seeing-eye of a herdsman

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Even Fools Have Their Day?

The world is so kind,That even fools have their day,No, I’m fooling you,It’s not fools’ day,As if there was something praiseworthy about foolishness,Instead,We are allowed to fool you,And you in return fool me,And we fool each other,Then we end up being a heap of fools,Or how do you call a person who fools others even […]

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Weeks When Decades Happens

The week ending 12th of March, 2022, is one of those weeks that can be defined in the words of Vladimir Ilich Lenin, “There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks when decades happen.” A lot has happened and we must learn something from all these happenings seeking our attention.  I don’t want […]

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A crooked stick is not very useful for drawing. It keeps on making crooked lines and unwarranted mistakes which was not to be the case. This is true, especially if the person handling the stick is an ignoramus in art. However, the hands of an accomplished artist may make a difference.  On the same note, […]


I’ve Been to Two Worlds.

I have lived in two Worlds, Worlds that we’ve all been invited to, Whose flags we raise or trample underfoot day by day, And I can be trusted to give my survey report, The first world I visited was the World of Opposed to God. The road to this world was smooth and sliding, Its […]

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Beware of Tares

We put our effort together,All the tares to gather,That our wheat may grow,Like perfect cornrow,So we Can’t stand seeing around,Even a sickly tare occupying our ground, But not so with God,Who all of us guard,He is well aware that there are tares in the choir,Whose names are legibly written in the quire, Yet He has […]

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