Love is Not in the Air

Love is not in the airAir is a bad conductor of loveBut love is in kind wordsRightly spoken in content and contextLove is in quality timeSpent in building, bonding and cementing friendshipsLove is in little sacrificesWhich is a big deal to those in needLove is in forgivenessEspecially when the guilt is apparent and inexcusableLove is […]

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Whose Daughter is She?

You’ve finally met her,The girl you have seen only in your dreams,Her skin tone is your description of recherche,The shape of her legs looks destined to traverse the hills where your father’s home is situated,When she talks, you don’t want to interrupt because her voice makes you a melody of love,She has stolen your heart, […]

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GOD’S LOVE LANGUAGE Love is a serious issue in human life. While people will quibble and cavil about religious persuasions and academic issues, it appears that love is something people agree upon in an astounding unanimity. When the question of religion is brought on board, We Will have Papists, Protestants, agnostics, deists, Buddhists, atheists, Skeptics, […]