I Don’t Want Justice

I have been hurt,I have been robbed,I have been suppressed and intimidated,I have been mangled down by the merciless hand of the oppressor,I have been made a fool of by him that rejoices in holding captive, the bodies and souls of men,I have had to swallow the hard pill of blatant disappointments,Or worse still, put […]

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I’ve Been to Two Worlds.

I have lived in two Worlds, Worlds that we’ve all been invited to, Whose flags we raise or trample underfoot day by day, And I can be trusted to give my survey report, The first world I visited was the World of Opposed to God. The road to this world was smooth and sliding, Its […]

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My Greatest Fear

I in no wise doubt this statement which in the Bible has been declared three hundred and sixty-five times,Deliberately to have one for each day, That “Do not be afraid!”But there are a few things that scare me,I’m afraid of undecided lifestyle,Casting my lot with the saints and yet indifferent about occupying a space at […]

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Do We Really Need the Church?

Ecclesiastical history is marked with the traitors in our frontiers, Hypocritical members threatening and promising, A highway flooded with the blood of martyrdom, Imperialists using the gospel of peace as a decoy for political ends,Unconverted clergymen making it sickly and ready to die, So do we need the Church? Scholars will tell you to be […]

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