Battle Won by Death Wound

Birth to us means a new beginning,But to Him, birth meant a welcome into the battlefield,So how does a baby fight?Can he raise a standard against his enemy?Or stand inch by inch to wield his javelin and arrows?When he stepped out, he was always embattled,But He managed a perfect childhood,Graduated into faultless manhood,Conducted a holy […]

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I Don’t Want Justice

I have been hurt,I have been robbed,I have been suppressed and intimidated,I have been mangled down by the merciless hand of the oppressor,I have been made a fool of by him that rejoices in holding captive, the bodies and souls of men,I have had to swallow the hard pill of blatant disappointments,Or worse still, put […]

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Eternal Life; is it Possible?

Many people doubt the possibility of eternal life because they are misled on how it will be sustained. Many think of eternal life as simply hocus pocus. In their false imagination, they think God will simply say, “May Ossie live forever” as we sometimes fool our kings, and it just happens like that. However we can learn more about this by reading the unquestionable authority—the word of God.

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