Life’s Best Things

There are many things we cannot do, There are great places we will always see on the internet, There are some foods we may handle only writing and imagination, And talk about lifestyle… Can the world allow all of us to afford a fortnight in Acapulco or the Maldives? What about a month in the […]

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Dark and Lovely

Tempted, tried, and sometimes lost,Yet you’ve gathered your bits and pieces and marched to Calvary again,Faced delays and setbacks, generously served,Yet you’ve kept your head up and want to try something again,Lost a relationship and friendship,Yet you’ve started panel-beating yourself into shape before you get to the next,Beaten and roughed up at the fort,Yet still […]

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I Want to Meet This Girl Again

I met a little girl,She was doing her little childlike contributions to humanity,Her mother was in the vicinity,Doing the endless duties that all mothers keep doing all day long,When the little girl saw me pass by,She wore her best smile,A smile I could not resist nor ignore,“What is your name?” She asked with a broader […]

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Shut up! No One Is Listening!

If there is one thing that diverse experiences with people have taught me, it is that I need to keep quiet. Talk is cheap, and people are not moved by it anymore. People want actions and executions. So, you, too, need to shut your mouth and begin showing us your ways. And if you don’t […]

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A crooked stick is not very useful for drawing. It keeps on making crooked lines and unwarranted mistakes, which was not to be the case. This is true, especially if the person handling the stick is an ignoramus in art. However, the hands of an accomplished artist may make a difference. On the same note, […]


The perfect plate

A plate is good, but a good plate is better.But yet still…a better plate would be better than the best. Come to think of it, what makes a plate?Now hold on, I ain’t referring to the material a plate is made of, say ceramic or bone china. A toilet bowl is made of the same. […]

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All Women Are Beautiful

All Women are beautiful, Or what do you call those who leave their nuclear family and come to your home and cleave on you? All Women are beautiful, Or what do you call those who never give up on wayward men and children, who keep on saying, they will change? All Women Are Beautiful, Or […]

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