The Worst Side of Depression

Have you ever been depressed before? Have you ever attended to a depressed friend? How was the experience if you were the subject? What if you were the second party, and you could put yourself in your friend’s shoes to empathize and sympathize with them? Or maybe we are not reading from the same page? […]

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So You are a Christian?

So you are a Christian? I mean you. You who are reading this either out of curiosity or fear of being declared a hypocrite. You who have some tag of piety against your name. You whom people think of when they need someone to lead in devotion at your area of work. So you are […]

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Are You Grateful?

Are you grateful? Do you recognize acts of kindness done to you by other people? Do you take your time to remind others that you are cognizant of their contribution to help you get the best version of yourself? Maybe I may need to remind you of something that you already know; people love appreciation. […]

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“Omondi Timon”

I didn’t see this coming, and I’m sure you’re equally perturbed to see this here. To be honest, I feel unsafe. Most of you, especially the ‘no nonsense’ folks, may wonder what is wrong with me. Have I lost what to write? From whence does Omondi Timon come into The Cleaver of Truth? Well, I […]

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A Vegetarian Flesh Eater

He made steady and stable strides to this place which had hitherto been to him a scene of Crime. He had lost count of his visits to this place, where the voice of the Holy Spirit was being silenced day after day. He was to many a nice man, admired for his energy and enthusiasm […]

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Are You Sincere?

Sincerity is a trait admired by everyone but offered by too few individuals. To be sincere means one is genuine, meaning what one says or does. Such a person can be taken at his word. He can be trusted with duties and no need for supervision. Sometimes it is ridiculous that we must be certified […]

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