Have you ended up spending more than you wanted to? Or, to put it differently, have you ever been misled by the face value, and you end up spending more than the amount you intended to spend, or end up paying more than what you can see on the price tag? 


The Deceitfulness of Sin

If I were asked to do the work of sales and marketing of sin as the merchandise, I would refuse, even if the salary was generous. My refusal, apart from being based on ethical concerns, could be Influenced by the difficulty of the assignment. I know I risk political incorrectness because the reality in practice […]

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Cleaver’s Quote of the Week

This week we are focusing on the World as our Lesson Book. We don’t need to provide another points of reference on the painful subjects of life while the same are available in the annals of time! You can read more in the article, “Some Things You Can Learn from the Lives of Others”

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