Time Well Spent

It is time well Spent,That time spent in correcting the errors of the past and unlearning those vices which are almost becoming one’sl second nature. It is time well Spent,That time Spent in poking holes in self and doing a thorough soul search to clean any cobweb that is hiding in the recess of one’s […]

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In Love With an Unbeliever

I once had directed to me, some unkind and what I consider misguided comments by someone who ridiculed my articles on Relationships. His concern was not on the quality of my work or literary skills, instead, he had a few misgivings with the subject. He felt that a relationship was not a very important matter and that I could instead focus my efforts on other things like employment, academic research, and many more ‘scholarly subjects’. My ambitious friend and colleague in the global fraternity, like all aspiring trailblazers, felt like relationships were not an important matter. What about you?

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Three Irreducible Minimums in a Relationship.

Relationships are increasingly becoming hard to handle. This is not only as far as romance is concerned, but even more than that, poor relationships at work, the family, and humanity in general. Everyone seems skewed towards self and not cognizant of others anymore. Once self has been satisfied, anyone else doesn’t matter. Even further, most people are ignorant of what it means to be in a toxic relationship. Like the lost coin, they are lost but unaware that they are lost.

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Whose Boyfriend are You?

I think it’s out of sympathy,That the world is celebrating today,All the boyfriends.So you are a boyfriend, A nice boyfriend who has committed himself with passion put to use to some damsel,Who now can with confidence,Disappoint all who knock at their emotional doors with a four a letter word that men do not want to […]

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