Life’s Best Things

There are many things we cannot do, There are great places we will always see on the internet, There are some foods we may handle only writing and imagination, And talk about lifestyle… Can the world allow all of us to afford a fortnight in Acapulco or the Maldives? What about a month in the […]

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When Men Weep in Public

Manhood is special. Manhood is volatile. Manhood is tough. Manhood is a higher calling. Men endure pain and suffering untold for a cause they believe in. It almost seems that there is some silent element in the definition of manhood that has to do with the ability to withstand a given degree of pain. How […]

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A World Without Social Media

Thinking about a world without social media (SM) in A.D 2021 is a thought almost unheard of. In this time and age when our lives have been intertwined with SM, we cannot imagine a world without status updates and timeline updates. We cannot imagine a life without double-tapping on Instagram photos, a lot of which […]

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My Facemask Has Saved Me. 

We used to see them worn by surgeons in an operating theatre,  But Covid-19 has sent them to the streets,  So that even those who can’t spell the word ‘laboratory’ can use them.  At the onset, I seriously loathed them,  They seem to be at war with my life giving deep breaths,  But now I […]

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No to Suicide; But do we Mean it?

One characteristic of the millennials is a rising case of depressed people in real life but who are so happy online. When you see the posts seeking our attention on Instagram, Facebook, and disappointingly, on Twitter, you can easily conclude that we are happy people. You can think you are the odd one out because […]

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