The Signboard Leading Sinwards

The Signboard Leading To SinHas no sin written anywhereIt looks as though it’s a higher privilegeAccepting to take the final turn ‘sinwards’. The Signboard Leading To SinHas in its carefully written prospectusThings that don’t look sinfulSuch things as “let’s live for the moment.” The Signboard Leading To SinAppeals to our false concept of God’s goodness,God’s […]

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GOD or your ALARM?

God woke me up at 3 as usual,But I made a decision to trust my alarm,And went back to sleepIntending to be up at 4 at the intervention of my alarm,But it didn’t go off as expected, Yet I had to run a program at 5 spanning forty minutes,So got myself in trouble,And God stopped […]

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The Year is still Fair

The Year is still fair,With our Resolutions lying on our tables,We all can be what we wanna be,We can start and bring to completion what we wanna do,Yet with the ground fair to all,And time still being an equal opportunity employer,We definitely will have different results at the end of the annium,While all can claim […]

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Struggling Against Wind and Tide

I’m in a struggle against wind and tide,So I will put forth different armament,Than those cruising on waters calm and balm,I can’t take a moment’s sabbatical from rowing and towing.For those in cool waters a nap is affordable,But for me no room to wink or blink,My gaze must remain keen and steady,I can’t laze or […]

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A firm and Desperate Companionship

It’s a firm union,Sustained with sable pinion,That exists between folks essentially evil,And the devil, But though firm,It’s it’s only for a term,It’s a desperate companionship,And a failed internship, While the sinner wants but cannot escape,The devil is equally unable to scape,And sooner when the devil must be cremated, Sinner’s only chance will be declared unconsummated, […]

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Whose Daughter is She?

You’ve finally met her,The girl you have seen only in your dreams,Her skin tone is your description of recherche,The shape of her legs looks destined to traverse the hills where your father’s home is situated,When she talks, you don’t want to interrupt because her voice makes you a melody of love,She has stolen your heart, […]

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Innocent is Sweet

I saw a baby giggling at the gentle touch of a stranger,I saw village kids grateful to see an old rickety rackety dump truck pass by,As a little boy, I couldn’t wait to play in the rain or slide on a muddy slope after rain,While herding my father’s flock, I would count all the vehicles […]

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How are You Doing?

How are you doing, friend?Did you just say, “I am fine?”How can it be that you are fine yet have just taken another dart from the chains of addiction you are battling?As usual, you have lied to yourself, “Let me sin for the Last Time!”The very last time, like all addicts, say. How are you […]

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