Because You are God’s Child

“God’s Children cannot get away with what the devil’s children are getting away with”

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Children Have “Ear Problems”

Children have ear problems,They will not remember all things you say sweetly,Though you said it with a passion put to use,Or in modulated decibels to appeal to their little childish persons.Even if you create an ambiance of a background,Wafting J. S. Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier,They will forget it soon as you finish,This is because children have […]

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Your children won’t come to church!And you shouldn’t be sad about it,When they were little and dependent,Often more than they heard of prayers,Or the power of God unto salvation,They heard your mean and disparaging comments,Poking holes on every Saint and Sinner,Finding something to correct in every sermon,Whipping character out of the strugglers privileged to speak […]


Before You Resort To Suicide

Before you resort to suicide,Please convince us that no one is going to be hurt in the process,Make me believe that out of the eight billion of us,No one wants to see you again. Before you resort to suicide,Make me believe that your problem is beyond solution,Is it worse than world war I & II?Can […]

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Not All Freshmen Are Fresh

Not all Freshmen are fresh,Some of them have done their assignments well,They know exactly what direction to follow,Be careful if you’re tempted to transact the terrible evil of manipulation. Not all Freshmen are fresh,Some are doing their second degree program like my good friend from Lieta,They know how to conduct themselves in the institution of […]

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I want to be Great!

I want to be Great!Not by taking advantage of the ignorance of the people,Nor knocking down those who possess what I need in order to feel great,Neither by swindling people into selling their birthright to me,But I want to be great…,By waking up a while earlier than everyone to accomplish some tasks,By spending my liquor […]

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I miss Myself

I miss myself,The glad trusting me who was confident that solutions would come,The care free me who walked around making powerful melodies of “This is my Father’s world”,The consistent me who kept their circadian rhythm at synchrony,The studious me who kept advancing voraciously for the Good Book,The faithful me who could be trusted with duties,The […]

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As a little boy,I knew as my mother,A strict disciplinarian,She was careful that we must be different,She was careful to know who my friends were,She was concerned with whom I chose as a deskmate,And she was ever there to be seen,In school, she was a member of the committee,In Church, she was a member of […]

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I Don’t Want Justice

I have been hurt,I have been robbed,I have been suppressed and intimidated,I have been mangled down by the merciless hand of the oppressor,I have been made a fool of by him that rejoices in holding captive, the bodies and souls of men,I have had to swallow the hard pill of blatant disappointments,Or worse still, put […]

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You Too Can Thrive

I saw and was awed,A tomato laden with fruits,Yet it was depending on for nutrients and a firm hold,An impregnable concrete wall,I mean,The tomato grew up in a brick and mortar,Where there is neither ready rich humus,Nor groundwater for her shoot to initiate active transport,Yet it was laden with fruits,Fruits that would sooner look good […]

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