Before You Resort To Suicide

Before you resort to suicide,Please convince us that no one is going to be hurt in the process,Make me believe that out of the eight billion of us,No one wants to see you again. Before you resort to suicide,Make me believe that your problem is beyond solution,Is it worse than world war I & II?Can […]

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I miss Myself

I miss myself,The glad trusting me who was confident that solutions would come,The care free me who walked around making powerful melodies of “This is my Father’s world”,The consistent me who kept their circadian rhythm at synchrony,The studious me who kept advancing voraciously for the Good Book,The faithful me who could be trusted with duties,The […]

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Five Secrets To Happiness That Anyone Can Afford.

Happiness and abundant life is one thing that most people find far from their reach. A lot of people think they could afford it if they had more money than their current financial obligations. Others believe, if they had the sweetest spouse, they could achieve self-actualization. Others think they can find it in publicity and grandeur. So people try reaching out to all these things, and the majority end up stressed or even sad because there seem to be endless voids in their hearts. 

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My Facemask Has Saved Me. 

We used to see them worn by surgeons in an operating theatre,  But Covid-19 has sent them to the streets,  So that even those who can’t spell the word ‘laboratory’ can use them.  At the onset, I seriously loathed them,  They seem to be at war with my life giving deep breaths,  But now I […]

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No to Suicide; But do we Mean it?

One characteristic of the millennials is a rising case of depressed people in real life but who are so happy online. When you see the posts seeking our attention on Instagram, Facebook, and disappointingly, on Twitter, you can easily conclude that we are happy people. You can think you are the odd one out because […]

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