Forcing Issues; Can it Apply Anywhere?

Colonialism and imperialism brought a dangerous HR practice of forced labour to the world. This is where someone is enslaved and worked up against their wishes under unfavourable conditions and terrible exacting. Such methods did not begin with the colonial era but have always been part of human behaviour

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Where is Your Liquor Money?

Liquor money? What do you mean? I mean precisely that—no typographical errors. And no one is excused from the priest to the proprietor of a liquor warehouse. And even those who preach anti-teetotalism should tell us where their liquor money is. So what exactly is liquor money? I don’t want to risk assuming that all […]

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I want to be Great!

I want to be Great!Not by taking advantage of the ignorance of the people,Nor knocking down those who possess what I need in order to feel great,Neither by swindling people into selling their birthright to me,But I want to be great…,By waking up a while earlier than everyone to accomplish some tasks,By spending my liquor […]

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Do Animals Have Moral Responsibility?

I think animals to some extent know what is right and wrong within their acceptable framework. That is why a donkey will kick in retaliation to show their dissatisfaction when cornered with overwork, and dogs will play with and hug familiar faces but scare life out of strangers. I have an experience with goats when I was a little boy, that is coming in handy in this discourse. I remember some goats which would slither on their bellies like snakes when invading plantations to escape the all-seeing-eye of a herdsman

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You Too Can Thrive

I saw and was awed,A tomato laden with fruits,Yet it was depending on for nutrients and a firm hold,An impregnable concrete wall,I mean,The tomato grew up in a brick and mortar,Where there is neither ready rich humus,Nor groundwater for her shoot to initiate active transport,Yet it was laden with fruits,Fruits that would sooner look good […]

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Time Well Spent

It is time well Spent,That time spent in correcting the errors of the past and unlearning those vices which are almost becoming one’sl second nature. It is time well Spent,That time Spent in poking holes in self and doing a thorough soul search to clean any cobweb that is hiding in the recess of one’s […]

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Weeks When Decades Happens

The week ending 12th of March, 2022, is one of those weeks that can be defined in the words of Vladimir Ilich Lenin, “There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks when decades happen.” A lot has happened and we must learn something from all these happenings seeking our attention.  I don’t want […]

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Kenya has had a lot to face in the wake of its democratisation journey, especially after the second liberation. Presumably, under the democratic process where the leader with majority votes carries the day, we are still not so sure if this is real. There is a vast majority who believe that the system, the so-called deep state, has an influence on who carries the day. However, I believe that the ballot is stronger than the bullet.



Whatever you are so good in, the direction is important. You must pull in the right direction and with the rest. You could be radiating the most solemn basso profundo with stable resonance and captivating timbre, but when you don’t harmonize with the rest, you can be so annoying and boring. A Skilled athlete who does not follow the pattern of the team is wasteful and will attract the wrath of the fans.  There is beauty in being orderly and manageable.