Power From Above

We have come to the most technologically advanced age in history.  We can travel space using rockets and other versatile spaceships. We can communicate with people far and wide using computers, ipads, mobile phones etc.  What about the reality on the ground? Are we more entertained and happy? Are we more improved and mentally strong? […]

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The Signboard Leading Sinwards

The Signboard Leading To SinHas no sin written anywhereIt looks as though it’s a higher privilegeAccepting to take the final turn ‘sinwards’. The Signboard Leading To SinHas in its carefully written prospectusThings that don’t look sinfulSuch things as “let’s live for the moment.” The Signboard Leading To SinAppeals to our false concept of God’s goodness,God’s […]

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Signs of a Dying World

What do you think is the fate of our World? What is lying at the end of the story? Have you ever thought there would be a final date for this world? How prepared are you for the Earth’s dying Day if it is there? What if it is there, and yet you live your […]

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Battle Won by Death Wound

Birth to us means a new beginning,But to Him, birth meant a welcome into the battlefield,So how does a baby fight?Can he raise a standard against his enemy?Or stand inch by inch to wield his javelin and arrows?When he stepped out, he was always embattled,But He managed a perfect childhood,Graduated into faultless manhood,Conducted a holy […]

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Battle for the Pulpit

Our world is embattled to a greater extent. Wars bombard us on all fronts. We fight for survival from unforeseen dangers and injuries. We eat, breathe, sleep, shower, and do everything that has become routine. To your dismay and mine, even the pulpit is embattled. This looks scary, right? Maybe you may begin thinking in […]

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In the Name of Jesus!

What comes to your mind when you hear the phrase, “In the Name of Jesus”? Does it command pious attention and an air of sanctity about it? Does it remind you of all power in heaven and on earth? What does it strike in the keys of your memories? While Christ was on earth, especially […]

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