Life’s Best Things

There are many things we cannot do, There are great places we will always see on the internet, There are some foods we may handle only writing and imagination, And talk about lifestyle… Can the world allow all of us to afford a fortnight in Acapulco or the Maldives? What about a month in the […]

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Soft Power

In a gentle way, you can shake the world – Mahatma Gandhi What does leadership mean to you and what picture comes to mind when the word is mentioned? For some, leadership means absolute firmness devoid of a taint of sympathy and grace. This was probably demonstrated by that elementary school teacher who would literally […]

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Dark and Lovely

Tempted, tried, and sometimes lost,Yet you’ve gathered your bits and pieces and marched to Calvary again,Faced delays and setbacks, generously served,Yet you’ve kept your head up and want to try something again,Lost a relationship and friendship,Yet you’ve started panel-beating yourself into shape before you get to the next,Beaten and roughed up at the fort,Yet still […]

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