I Want to Meet This Girl Again

I met a little girl,
She was doing her little childlike contributions to humanity,
Her mother was in the vicinity,
Doing the endless duties that all mothers keep doing all day long,
When the little girl saw me pass by,
She wore her best smile,
A smile I could not resist nor ignore,
“What is your name?” She asked with a broader smile,
And as soon as I told her, she raised her courtesies on the banner inch by inch,
“And I’m called Nyambu,” she replied, her smile still generous,
But she didn’t stop here,
“Say hi to my mum,” she said, pointing to her mother, who was now doing her laundry,
I couldn’t resist,
I feared disappointing her,
And just then, I lifted her off the ground,
And then I noticed soon enough that I needed to handle her with care,
Nyambu was in a healing process,
She had a broken leg,
I could guess she was still two years shy of a semi-decade,
Yet she had felt the strange pain of a broken leg,
Yet she was the happiest soul around!
I had to tuck in any disappointments that were seeking an audience with me,
And leave unfinished,
Every Lamentation I had in my mind, I hushed away,
And decided to see the world through her eyes,
Broken she was,
But probably one of the top ten on the global happiness index.

I want to meet this girl again,
When she has conquered a decade and probably in school,
What kind of a student will she be?
I would like to meet this girl again,
Maybe as an intern or a new employee still on probation,
What kind of staff will she be?
I would like to meet this girl again,
On the day when she gets a proposal for her first boyfriend,
Will she ask him, “Come meet my mum”?
I would like to meet this girl again,
On her wedding day, as she walks down the aisle,
What kind of a bride will she be?
I would like to meet this girl again,
When she becomes a mother and holds her firstborn,
What kind of a mother will she be?
And what if she becomes a stateswoman or some big person in the government?
Whatever she becomes in life,
I want to meet her again.


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25 thoughts on “I Want to Meet This Girl Again

  1. It happens every time, only that we should ask ourselves of the real reason you’ll want to meet a person again, if it’s ever for a wrong reason, issa trap.
    May somebody want to meet you again because the aura around you is simply oxygen to the body and a refreshing to the soul.

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