Love is Not in the Air

Love is not in the air
Air is a bad conductor of love
But love is in kind words
Rightly spoken in content and context
Love is in quality time
Spent in building, bonding and cementing friendships
Love is in little sacrifices
Which is a big deal to those in need
Love is in forgiveness
Especially when the guilt is apparent and inexcusable
Love is in hospitality
Served chivalrously
Love is in corrections
Raised kindly and intended to restore
Love is in consistency
Remaining true to your promises and professions
Love is in niceness
Making people safe around you
Love is in devotion
Making people believe it will be done because you are involved
Love is in Calvary
Suffering for proud unrepented sinners that they can, by repentance and reformation, be sainted
So if you think, believe and keep talking
That love is in the air
Then I have this reminder
Air is a bad conductor of love.


4 thoughts on “Love is Not in the Air

  1. Beautiful, it has reminded me this
    1 John 3
    ……., let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth.
    There’s no love in the air…we have to build it in our daily relation with others.

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