We Don’t Know How To Deal With Death

We don’t know how to deal with death
So let them mourn that are grieving
Their problem is not death perse
But the finality it comes with
No more mama or the exciting Daddy
No more love that we made our favourites
Dearer than any good thing the world can offer
So people will type the reckless acronym RIP
Can the dead hear such kindness?
But will the living take it kindly that they deserve to hear the RIP?
And some will ask their dead to keep watch over them
Or declare them to be dancing with the angels
Does Gabriel or Michael gyrate to the tune of heavenly music?
For I have heard only of the Seraph’s song
Even the covering Cherub
Or yet it comforts to imagine that God loved them more than we
And He has taken them to be with Him
So do you like such a God who takes away our sweethearts because He loves them more?
So, in our condolence notices
We demonstrate that we don’t know how to deal with death
And we do well not to know
Or do you?
We were not created to deal with death
Death is an intruder
We were not supposed to know it
Neither were we supposed to learn how to deal with it
So if you see the bereaved mourning carelessly
Let them be and whisper a prayer for them
Otherwise, I know someone who knows how to deal with death
He has tasted death once for every man and nation and emerged a conqueror
He is life and resurrection
He has declared death just but a sleep
And he says that he will awaken them someday
He will come with all angels and with sounding trumpets
Trumpets loud enough to awaken the dead yet not too loud to scare the living saints
So let no one scare you with purgatory
Or even the dreaded hell
No one is burning there yet or suffering in the purgatory
Yet if we don’t live well, we may one day run away when we hear that trumpet
He promises that life has been appointed to us,
Yet after we die, there is judgement
Resulting in a twofold resurrection
Of glory or damnation
So, if you don’t know how to deal with death
There is nothing wrong with you
No one should know how to deal with it because we never created for it
But I know a man who knows how to deal with death
The man Jesus Christ.

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