The Signboard Leading Sinwards

The Signboard Leading To Sin
Has no sin written anywhere
It looks as though it’s a higher privilege
Accepting to take the final turn ‘sinwards’.

The Signboard Leading To Sin
Has in its carefully written prospectus
Things that don’t look sinful
Such things as “let’s live for the moment.”

The Signboard Leading To Sin
Appeals to our false concept of God’s goodness,
God’s love for sinners is in bold
But His justice and closing probation has been deleted.

The Signboard Leading To Sin
Appears like a simple adventure
Yet when we are fully in it
We cannot remember our way back.

The Signboard Leading To Sin,
Has a good Language
Lots of borderlines and euphemisms
So that revelry and unwinding are synonymous.

People walking in it

Many Innocent souls
Have taken this turn
Hoping to get bliss
But they got their chaos in abundance,
Instead of sweetness, they got generous bitterness,
Instead of the promised full cup, they got an unquenchable thirst,
And for most, and yet many
It earned, and it is earning them a space in the cemetery!
But it is not a glorious rest,
Because they are already registered with Gog and Magog!

13 thoughts on “The Signboard Leading Sinwards

  1. The signboard to sin be like, “you got only one life so live it to the fullest” but never tells about what if I lost the only life I have through living carelessly ,what happens?
    May God help us

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