GOD or your ALARM?

God woke me up at 3 as usual,
But I made a decision to trust my alarm,
And went back to sleep
Intending to be up at 4 at the intervention of my alarm,
But it didn’t go off as expected,
Yet I had to run a program at 5 spanning forty minutes,
So got myself in trouble,
And God stopped anyone from giving me a call,
To rally me up for the Ministry,
God woke me up again at 5:40 am,
The exact time when I was to make the final prayer,
And told me, “Son you see!”
“I woke you up at the time we always commune,”
“I wanted to discpline you before you stand to instruct my people”
“But you chose alarm over me, and I allowed it so”
“And now you see, the alarm failed you?”
“I came back again at twenty to six to remind you that it’s me and not alarm that wakes people up ever morning!”
You’ll Have to choose between me and alarm!

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