The Year is still Fair

The Year is still fair,
With our Resolutions lying on our tables,
We all can be what we wanna be,
We can start and bring to completion what we wanna do,
Yet with the ground fair to all,
And time still being an equal opportunity employer,
We definitely will have different results at the end of the annium,
While all can claim that this New Year is their year,
Some may dance to a different tune twelve moons down the line,
So while the year is still fair to all of us,
Let’s all be fair too and give it the grit and zeal it needs,
Let’s get learning a new trade,
Let’s get kneeling in the right place that we may stand everywhere,
Let’s get reading the right books and avoid burdening our minds with works that only deserves to be kindling materials for our jikos,
Let’s be jealous with our time and only grant timelines to things that add value and make us better people,
Nonetheless, I don’t know what you are going to do,
But I only one message for you,
“The year is still fair”

2023 is in your hands

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