A firm and Desperate Companionship

It’s a firm union,
Sustained with sable pinion,
That exists between folks essentially evil,
And the devil,

But though firm,
It’s it’s only for a term,
It’s a desperate companionship,
And a failed internship,

While the sinner wants but cannot escape,
The devil is equally unable to scape,
And sooner when the devil must be cremated,
Sinner’s only chance will be declared unconsummated,

So repent now,
And renew your vow,
To avoid rush on the doomsday,
Creating an eternal foolsday.

4 thoughts on “A firm and Desperate Companionship

  1. And indeed desperate
    Will be the rate
    That the eternal pain
    Will engulf train
    Work to exit
    And resist
    This companionship!

    I just love your stanzas
    Which amazed me to add a few more lines..
    God help us resist evil plus the devil

    Liked by 1 person

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