I’m Grateful for the Pains & Losses

I have felt bad at the pains and losses that life has served,
I’ve penned voluminous Lamentations when faced with delays,
I’ve wriggled and squiggled when led to tarry between the already and not yet,
But I have changed my mind, LORD,
I’m grateful for the pains and losses,
Thank you for the job I didn’t secure when I had not learned the value of faithfulness with little things,
Thanks for the relationships I lost when I had not made it right with God,
Thanks for the NO I got when I tried to be in love with unbelievers
Thanks for blowing away the bread and butter I gathered by breaking your sabbath and overworking myself with no time for devotion and meditation,
Thanks for taking away the suits I bought with the tithe instead of my liquor money,
Thanks for the rejection I got when I sauntered for a space at the table of the scornful and the seat of the ungodly,
Thanks for allowing me to be jailed on my first attempt in wash-wash because I am a child of God,
Thanks for letting me ramble on the pulpit when I presumptuously neglected to study and pray in the preparation room,
Thanks for interfering with me when I was smiling on my way to hell,
I needed all these Pains and losses,
Thank you, Lord.


18 thoughts on “I’m Grateful for the Pains & Losses

  1. Amen and Amen. The prayer of Thanksgiving for all the things that went wrong 😂, it sounds not great when you decide, you know what, God am gonna thank you for all the tests and trials, rejections and all things that didn’t go away. It’s a great opportunity to understand the hidden messages behind all the delayed and prayers that weren’t answered our way and the disappointments

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  2. Reminds me of the story of Job, even though he did everything write with God he still had a fair share of crucibles but trusted that even in his affliction he will see God. The pruning maybe painful moreso the ones we bring on ourselves but worthwhile in the long run.

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  3. Amen….indeed the desires of the flesh are not of the spirit..and God is always to our watch and ready to help us at any point only if we shall be willing and ready to be directed by Him,for His judgement are worthy..oh glory and honour be unto thee forever…

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  4. We can be strengthened by our scars. Pains and losses helps us to realize God’s love for us, God’s mercy for us and his grace that is immeasurable. In our pains we get to realize His will for us. Am grateful for my pains and losses

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