How are You Doing?

How are you doing, friend?
Did you just say, “I am fine?”
How can it be that you are fine yet have just taken another dart from the chains of addiction you are battling?
As usual, you have lied to yourself, “Let me sin for the Last Time!
The very last time, like all addicts, say.

How are you doing, sister?
Did you just say, “I am fine?”
How can it be that you’re fine yet tired of rendezvous of coquetry and abuse?
Do you call that fine? That is not fine by all possible definitions and synonyms of fine.

How are you doing, brother?
Did you just say, “I am fine?”
How can you be fine with all the toxicity boiling around you and which you have lost the power to jump out of?
You almost losing it because you are not in charge anymore!

How are you doing, elder?
Did you just say, “I am fine?”
How can you say that while your life is going down and down in the scary path, you don’t want to meet in the resurrection morn?
Or are you saying you are fine with the second resurrection?

What if we were a little more honest?
Our answers would be like this…
“I’m not fine. I have messed up again!”
“I’m not fine. I am dissatisfied with the trend of my life lately.”
“I’m not fine. I’ve hit the rock bottom, and I need a hand stronger than mine to help me get on my feet again.”
“I ain’t well. I am losing my head!”
“I ain’t fine. I am running on empty. I don’t remember when I had a good time studying the good book.”

But because we are fine,
Christ’s knock goes unanswered. We really don’t need help; everything is fine.
While our guardian angel goes up, pained and disappointed by our stubborn and continuous failures and arrogant pride, our answer is WE ARE JUST FINE!

How are You Doing?

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24 thoughts on “How are You Doing?

  1. It’s okay not to be fine but we never admit we ain’t fine, sometimes we choose to always be fine because friends may ask only to bother you or make you feel they are concerned when they are really not… That’s why we feel safe to say we are fine 😊

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  2. This is what has led to even lots of suicides in the today’s society, because we fear speaking 🗣️ up the truth about our condition/ situation. Fear of being judged or looked down upon. Thank you for sharing this.


  3. They say it’s an act of courage to just utter the words I AM NOT FINE, being that we love in the world where everyone expects you to be perfect especially when you where that hat of Christianity ( falling down means utter destruction).
    But yet again let’s take up that mantle called courage and open all the closed doors in our hearts and untie the knots of depression, anger, regret, self accusation and pain. This opens us up to healing and gives us the strength to face the next mountains and valleys that will still come our way.

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  4. Indeed am not fine!!!
    Have forgotten reading that one good book(Holy One)
    God revive my spirit that I go back to where I was searching word by word gaining heavenly wisdom and knowledge.
    Is my prayer in Jesus name.🙏🙏

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