Because You are God’s Child

Because you are a child of God,
You don’t have many options to choose from,
But one is your only option,
To do things God’s way,
Not that you are a programmed robotic,
Or a mere automaton that cannot make a choice,
It is costly for you to try another method,
Contrary to the one God has given,
A worldling can try usury and get something,
A worldling can carry foreign materials to the exam room and get a passing grade,
A worldling can try dubious deals and get some ephemerals and transients,
But your case cannot work under the same philosophy,
Because you are a child of God,
If you try usury, you will meet your greatest loss of all times,
Because you are a child of God,
If you hold dear the thought of external aid in your papers, the the all-seeing eye of the invigilator is on you,
And because you are a child of God,
Don’t think of getting a drop of water by dubious means,
God cannot let the means that sustain the sons and daughters of disobedience work for you,
What works for the Midianite won’t work for you dear seed of Israel,
He has a greater purpose with you,
He wants to teach the world the power of obedience through you,
So He cannot let you reach your target through disobedience,
He wants the greedy to learn that little is much when God is in it,
So He will blow away all that you gather through a Trojan horse,
Because you are a child of God,
Methods that work for the sons of disobedience cannot work for you,
They may get away with many a scandal,
But your first may hand you in jail,
Because you are a child of God.

God’s Children cannot get away with what the devil’s children are getting away with”

— Elder. Sithole Mandikudza

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