Children Have “Ear Problems”

Children have ear problems,
They will not remember all things you say sweetly,
Though you said it with a passion put to use,
Or in modulated decibels to appeal to their little childish persons.
Even if you create an ambiance of a background,
Wafting J. S. Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier,
They will forget it soon as you finish,
This is because children have “ear problems.”

Image source: Unsplash images

But try doing what you are not supposed to do,
And they will not forget it,
Drink yourself stupid and recite an indecorous free verse,
Tomorrow you will find them reproducing it with the exactitude of a Jewish prophet,
Mock your wife or your husband when mad at them,
Then they will do it better to your shame either as a cast gone wrong or when they feel troubled by them,
Go round and see the little tots play,
You’ll be surprised to see little pieces of art perfectly dramatized:
The wizard’s offspring trying funny nightly antics,
The drunkard’s boy staggering, announcing their unreadiness for the sobriety test,
The merchant’s gal gathering merchandise and operating a mock supermarket,
And not to be left out, the hunter’s boy will run around with a club, even if their target is a bumblebee bee or butterfly.
Do you think all these dramas is the instruction they heard from home?
Oh no!
But as all average parents do, they were told better things,
But they saw a wizard, a drunkard, a merchant, a hunter, and what you have seen better than me,
And what they saw, they became even in a more creative way,
And all this is because children have ear problems,
They have learned to hear with their eyes,
If you want them to hear it,
Let them see it.


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