Before You Resort To Suicide

Image source: Unsplash photos

Before you resort to suicide,
Please convince us that no one is going to be hurt in the process,
Make me believe that out of the eight billion of us,
No one wants to see you again.

Before you resort to suicide,
Make me believe that your problem is beyond solution,
Is it worse than world war I & II?
Can it out shadow the battle of waterloo or the global economic crises?

Before you resort to suicide,
Let me believe that you have outwitted all possible solutions,
Have you called me, and did I refuse to pick up your call?
Have you called everyone on your address book, and did they all agree to attend your funeral?

Before you resort to suicide,
Explain to me how you have made arrangements of comfort for that single mother,
She has tried her best to provide for you, but her best is not good enough,
Can’t you go hard and relieve her pain too?
Or at least stand by her side and go through it together.

Before you resort to suicide,
Please convince me that all who graduated magna cum laude are all on the high table,
Make me believe, or even half believe, that everyone who failed in class cannot make it in life,
The academic credentials of some of the people we admire will shock you,
Do your research, but you won’t be surprised that life has generously rewarded disciplined Ds and heavily punished acrobatic As.

Before you resort to suicide,
Are you sure they really loved you?
Don’t you think their betrayal has proved they were manipulating you?
I bet you’re still lovable, and you can jump high the pecking order by working on yourself.

Before you resort to suicide,
Just remember it is okay to cry out for help,
Better be deemed weak but safe than to feign bravery and push yourself to the cold grave,
Don’t rob us of the privilege of seeing you at the top and being inspired by your endurance.

Before you resort to suicide,
Tell us how self-murder will solve the problem,
If the problem is rent, how will your absence solve it?
Maybe you should remember this; you are not the problem:
Rent is the problem..,
Academic failure is the problem…,
Toxic relationship is the problem…,
Poverty is the problem…,
Don’t you realize that by committing suicide, you are solving the wrong problem? You make it appear that you were the problem, yet something else is.
Please solve the problem, not yourself!

Image source: Unsplash Photos

23 thoughts on “Before You Resort To Suicide

  1. Heey this was really nice and I have shared it widely….it about time that people speak out about suicide before it even happens…may God bless you for this and ps I’d really like to work with you I am a health care worker in making.

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  2. Men are the species in the whole universe that is mostly affected by this menace. The egocentric nature of men contributes much to the highest state of affairs. They are not aware that ego is a recipe for pride that in most cases used by the devil against them. Humility is needed in order to avert this. If you can’t share things with men, share with God. 1John 5:7, this is the assurance.

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