Not All Freshmen Are Fresh

Not all Freshmen are fresh,
Some of them have done their assignments well,
They know exactly what direction to follow,
Be careful if you’re tempted to transact the terrible evil of manipulation.

Not all Freshmen are fresh,
Some are doing their second degree program like my good friend from Lieta,
They know how to conduct themselves in the institution of Higher learning,
If you don’t know the answer to any of their questions don’t be tempted to just say whatever comes into your mind.

Not all Freshmen are fresh,
Some of them have been jeopardised by the cruel principle of course and effects,
They could bring your wits down tumbling like the gigantic Gathman,
For your own safety, you may need to take more care.

Not all Freshmen are fresh,
Some are men and women of depth,
By diligence they have learnt their trade with accuracy and tact,
It may do you well to humble yourself and learn from a freshman.

Not all Freshmen are fresh,
Some have been transferred from other organisations,
They have a wealth of experience that could help you,
You may need another degree of intellectual humility to benefit from their experience.

Some freshmen are very fresh,
They are stepping in the city for the first time.
Those things you’re used to they are seeing for the first time,
Probably the way you were when you were fresh,
I trust it is not too much to treat them like your little brothers and sisters,
Show them nothing short of the right thing,
Stop and think about it:
That freshman is someone’s daughter,son, little brother or sister,
What if you put yourself in their shoes?
How would you want someone to handle your little brother or sister?
Please do the same to that freshman fate will bring your way.

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