I want to be Great!

I want to be Great!
Not by taking advantage of the ignorance of the people,
Nor knocking down those who possess what I need in order to feel great,
Neither by swindling people into selling their birthright to me,
But I want to be great…,
By waking up a while earlier than everyone to accomplish some tasks,
By spending my liquor money on apples and suits,
By attending all my classes religiously and submitting my assignments on time,
By doing all that is on my part to do, and leaving undone only that which God alone can accomplish,
By keeping my eye single to all my promises and covenants,
By keeping the track of my sleeping hours and ensuring all my hours awake are employed constructively,
By learning a new skill every quarter and finding how to employ it to solve a problem somewhere…
And all these I want to achieve as I continuously kneel before the great I AM,
For if I can establish my consistent kneelings thence, I don’t know whence I can’t stand.


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