I miss Myself

I miss myself,
The glad trusting me who was confident that solutions would come,
The care free me who walked around making powerful melodies of “This is my Father’s world”,
The consistent me who kept their circadian rhythm at synchrony,
The studious me who kept advancing voraciously for the Good Book,
The faithful me who could be trusted with duties,
The truthful me whose words needed no verification,
The pious me who always woke up early to seek God,
The health conscious me who raised high the billboard of abstemiousness,
The adventurous me who kept seeking for new knowledge and experience,
The lovable me who attracted like the unlike poles of a magnet,
The ambitious me who kept on advancing higher not satisfied to be a champion of the mean men,
The teachable me who was ready to be filled with useful information,
Do you miss yourself?
Purposes lost, talents wasted, privileges abused, Can be regained at the Cross 🙏.
Try the Hero of the Cross today…

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