As a little boy,
I knew as my mother,
A strict disciplinarian,
She was careful that we must be different,
She was careful to know who my friends were,
She was concerned with whom I chose as a deskmate,
And she was ever there to be seen,
In school, she was a member of the committee,
In Church, she was a member of the board,
In the Clan, she was a perennial scribe,
And she was the village Dr. ,
Having learnt her trade through apprenticeship ๐Ÿ˜‚,
My first theology lecturer she was,
And I’m glad I have never attended another,
When I got myself into a close range with the girls,
She reminded me that a good boy must not cherish the attention of girls,
And I learnt to be keen with my choice of female friends,
If you are a lady and you are in my circle,
You should consider yourself special,
I mean I don’t settle for less,
You are special, just find out howโ€ฆ
And about this woman,
The daughter of the lakesideโ€ฆ,
When I failed my final exams,
Not that I failed per see,
I was the best but in a small pond,
She encouraged me to try a deeper pond,
Where I got myself together.
Some of you have met me a fine young man,
A responsible young man that some damsel could want to have as their man,
But she met me in my stubborn chaotic and undone state,
When I didn’t know how to match my belt with my leather shoes ๐Ÿ‘ž,
When I didn’t know how to knot my tie the American way,
When I didn’t know how to communicate effectively,
For there are times when I cried when hungry,
But for you I can honourably ask for something to eat,
And there were times when I sought to be seen by guests when I needed to be invited to the dinner table,
But you are lucky I can pretend that I am okay even when ulcers are reminding me to go around eating,
When the world is celebrating mothers today,
I will break the protocol,
I am celebrating a mother and a father in one strong woman,
For that she has been since wuod Nyakado rested,
I want to make the rest of her days memorable,
So help me God.
But I am a bit unfair,
You too are a son or a daughter of woman,
They must have raised you well,
Just look at the person you’re becomingโ€ฆ,
Your mother must be a proud woman,
She is the best mother you could ever had,
What if you did your best to make her grateful she didn’t give up the ghost while in travail?
Happy mother’s day to your mum.

21 thoughts on “Mother

  1. This evident from the intuitive man you have become. The piece about Nyandege is an absolute picture of what a prospecting mother in the form of a lady ought to be. If I were to write about Nyokoto, I would plagiarize this piece, let me now anchor it in my status for the curiosity of those who were brought up by mothers who defended their kids with vigour of a lactating tiger. Hahahaha!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mothers are great
      Their love so pure
      They’re tender hearted, they’ve molded us to whom we are today ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’œ
      May God bless them for us

      Liked by 1 person

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