You Too Can Thrive

I saw and was awed,
A tomato laden with fruits,
Yet it was depending on for nutrients and a firm hold,
An impregnable concrete wall,
I mean,
The tomato grew up in a brick and mortar,
Where there is neither ready rich humus,
Nor groundwater for her shoot to initiate active transport,
Yet it was laden with fruits,
Fruits that would sooner look good in a basket of summer fruits,
It seems that the leakages from the pipes of sanctity,
Though cannot be countenanced by any of us,
Was to her a lifeline.
What about you?
You who can reach out to a few friends,
You who can access sincere warmth and care of family,
You who are lamenting about poor pay,
You who are dissatisfied with their relationship,
You who feel they deserve more,
You too can thrive,
But like the tomato surviving by faith,
Reaching out her delicate roots through the unpromising crevices,
You must find your niche,
And if you find it,
Hold on, cheer up, it will be alright.

photo credits, Ossie

10 thoughts on “You Too Can Thrive

    1. Graphically vivid. My imagination is electrocuted, and the depth of poetry, leaves my feet wading with hope of touching the ocean floor it bears in its meaning. Two words, Too deep.

      Liked by 1 person

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