I’m Not Your Village Mate

You know it well,
How as little boys we played and revelled,
Taking every conceivable shape,
Like putty in someone’s hand,
Fitting in all crevices whence kindness served us mirth,
And in the village soccer team,
We enjoyed the game as long as the man of means granted us probation,
Otherwise, we would be forced to worship him,
And sometimes make a deliberate miss shot so that his team could win,
And when I took my time to school,
You saw it,
Seeing my faltering steps as I struggled with the Imperealist’s language,
Speaking my mother’s tongue was a punishable crime,
All these I overcame and now I have made peace with transitive verbs,
But you still see me only as “my village mate”,
I have endured a few more years and learnt some trade that does not need physical strength like when we disciplined oxen in the village,
So they call me a degree holder and a graduate,
But you have refused to stop seeing me as “My village mate”
Don’t you see I’m now a global citizen,
Or you are waiting for me to fly to another country to say, “wuod ng’ane odhi Loka
Still, pinning me down to the village?
I’ve just made friends across the Continents,
Indians, a Briton, a Panamanian, and even a Burkinabe are on my contact list,
And you still call me “my village mate”?
Well, I accept, that my home and village are still in the same place we grew up together,
But I have village mates in the Far East and Near East,
And Some are across the shoreless oceans and seas,
So we say it’s a global village on this pedestal,
But if you insist that I am still your village mate,
Then you must accept as your mantra,
My marching orders,
“Go ye into all the world…”
I am going north and south,
Not forgetting east and west,
And if providence allows,
I will stir interest even in the arctic and antarctic circles,
Testifying to the penguins and albatross that they too must prepare to meet their Lord,
With tact and precision, and acceptable mien, I’m traversing seas and lands,
Because the invincible invisible hand has got my back,
So they are my village mates,
They who will want to exert influence across the vast oblate sphere of the third planet.

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