I Tried Another Way

I tried another way,
Other than ‘Trust and Obey’
Recklessly refusing to heed the voice of love,
Sweetly reminding me that there is no other way to be happy in Jesus,
Outside the path marked ‘Trust bad Obey’
So I took the Nearest diversion to the left and increased my pace,
Seeking to take gigantic gulps of whatever there was on the table,
I ate, drank, and nibbled all that was on the table,
People around me seemed happy and Convivial,
I wasn’t happy but I pretended to be happy,
So I gyrated and sashayed in the tune of the moment,
But when everyone left and I remained alone,
The truth hit me so hard,
Christ remained behind when I left the path marked ‘Trust and Obey’,
He could not join me when I left the path of obedience,
And I just realised that I am alone,
Instead of singing, “We Are Not Alone God is With Us”
My song was, “I am on my own, Christ is left behind!”
Then I realised that there was no true happiness outside of Christ,
In thirst and hunger for something better,
We oftentimes go for broken cisterns,
We try leeks and onions of Egypt in refusal of the manna richly served from Heaven,
But as much as we have tried,
We have had a lesson to tell,
That there is no true happiness outside of Christ,
Of course, we could pretend to be happy when conscience is seared,
And sobriety is shortchanged,
But we will only be left more empty and wounded,
Of course, we can pretend to have some peace under blue, green and orange lights,
But true peace is only found in the Prince of Peace,
We could pretend to be having a good time in the vale of Sorek where rendezvous of coquetry is served generously,
But unless we come back home we will end up with our heads shaved,
And our eyes gouged out,
And our birthright swindled.
So I must drive back to the path of ‘Trust and Obey’
And I can trust the journey back only with Christ on the Steering wheel,
Come Lord Jesus, and Lead me back Home.

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