A Woman Called Somebody

Her life had taken a downward pedestal,
It seems like she was losing her hold on life,
If her life depended on apothecary she had exhausted them,
For some reason, her condition outmanoeuvred even the balsam,
Even if she heard that there was some physician Somewhere,
She couldn’t afford it,
Her issue had milked her dry of her substance,
She was sickly and broke,
She had lost her respect and could not mingle innocently even with lepers,
But an opportunity knocked that she could not miss,
Jesus was passing by healing all who were brought to him,
One more time she could try to get close,
It was a great risk,
Maybe the accusers could identify her and cause her public reproach,
Or even death would come untimely,
And paving her way through the crowd,
She touched Him who was the Great Physician,
And she felt a different power causing everything to stand still,
And the Saviour immediately recognized the act and said,
“Somebody has touched me!”
She got confused,
She had been called nobody long enough,
How could He call her ‘somebody’?
And falling it His feet,
He gave her an assurance that her faith in His faithfulness and ability to save had made her whole.
What about you who have wasted their talents and abused their mercies?
You who lost the God-given dignity on the altar of lust and self-abuse?
You who have lost credibility among friends because of your moral lapse?
Come touch even the hem of His garment,
He can make you somebody.

13 thoughts on “A Woman Called Somebody

  1. Chief is sinners though I be, Jesus shed his blood for me.
    He did die thay I might never die…..dying that I might live on high.
    Just because of that, I am a Somebody.
    Praise God!!!

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  2. Women don’t have to be called nothing when the Master has called them somebody,Children of God ,heirsof the kingdom,Daughters of God,,,theres no title that difines us more than what Christ calls us.Masterpiece✌

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  3. Potent message. I feel inspired. Only when we surrender to the Savior through Faith and humbly bow to his scepter shall we come to know of his favor. And belold, he’ll save us.

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