Time Well Spent

It is time well Spent,That time spent in correcting the errors of the past and unlearning those vices which are almost becoming one’sl second nature. It is time well Spent,That time Spent in poking holes in self and doing a thorough soul search to clean any cobweb that is hiding in the recess of one’s […]

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In Love With an Unbeliever

I once had directed to me, some unkind and what I consider misguided comments by someone who ridiculed my articles on Relationships. His concern was not on the quality of my work or literary skills, instead, he had a few misgivings with the subject. He felt that a relationship was not a very important matter and that I could instead focus my efforts on other things like employment, academic research, and many more ‘scholarly subjects’. My ambitious friend and colleague in the global fraternity, like all aspiring trailblazers, felt like relationships were not an important matter. What about you?

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Weeks When Decades Happens

The week ending 12th of March, 2022, is one of those weeks that can be defined in the words of Vladimir Ilich Lenin, “There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks when decades happen.” A lot has happened and we must learn something from all these happenings seeking our attention.  I don’t want […]

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I Tried Another Way

I tried another way,Other than ‘Trust and Obey’Recklessly refusing to heed the voice of love,Sweetly reminding me that there is no other way to be happy in Jesus,Outside the path marked ‘Trust bad Obey’So I took the Nearest diversion to the left and increased my pace,Seeking to take gigantic gulps of whatever there was on […]

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A Woman Called Somebody

Her life had taken a downward pedestal,It seems like she was losing her hold on life,If her life depended on apothecary she had exhausted them,For some reason, her condition outmanoeuvred even the balsam,Even if she heard that there was some physician Somewhere,She couldn’t afford it,Her issue had milked her dry of her substance,She was sickly […]

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Kenya has had a lot to face in the wake of its democratisation journey, especially after the second liberation. Presumably, under the democratic process where the leader with majority votes carries the day, we are still not so sure if this is real. There is a vast majority who believe that the system, the so-called deep state, has an influence on who carries the day. However, I believe that the ballot is stronger than the bullet.


Swimming out of the Pool of Unemployment

If you sack Jose Mourinho today, the following day another giant club will announce him as the new manager. Larry Madowo gets out of BBC North America, and he is working with CNN Africa.  These cases look too good to be true. The secret is not in the said organizations, but in the individuals—they have something to offer that you don’t easily come across. 

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