If I Had a Chance to Preach in a Funeral

If I had a chance to preach in a funeral,
I would ignore the dead,
Not because of disrespect,
But because my most tantalising articulations are too late for them,
If they were my friends,
I would tell everyone who care to listen,
The precious memories we shared with them,
I would speak as much as I can remember of their goodness,
Any act of benevolence they served me I would magnify to altruism,
A pint of hospitality they ever shown I would describe as philanthropy,
If ever they intimated a liking for me, I would upgrade it to love,
That the sample of tares sown by the enemy of humanity tremble and be ashamed of their unkind misanthropic and selfish selves.
If ever I knew some unhonorable act they did,
I would bury it under the depths of the sea,
And let them square it with the Master at the resurrection morning,
For I find His yardstick proper,
And more righteous than mine as an eye witness,
He judges based on motive and act, yet me and you cannot see motive,
And even more, we don’t know how to deal with other people’s mess,
I would not want the careless sinners to think of themselves better and rejoice in their sagging morals that are calling loudly for reform,
This I would do very first so that I get enough time to stir the tides yet again,
I would serve the mixed multitude of saints and sinners what they need,
What do you need in a funeral?
Food? No please, we have restaurants all over.
Fun? That would be a mockery to the bereaved.
Truth? O yes, this would set everyone free.
To the whitewashed tombs who are careless and not ready to die,
I would tell that the bell tolls for them,
Them includes me,
I would let them know that the best time to make their preparation for eternity is “now”
Now, when our friend is lying lifeless in the coffin,
Today, when hearts are breaking too deeply with fresh grief,
We must decide how it will be with us on the judgement day,
I would then say three times, “You better get you ready”
Then go and sit down.

19 thoughts on “If I Had a Chance to Preach in a Funeral

  1. I honestly agree with you 100%
    Preaching for the dead is totally wrong, it makes no impact since it’s too late for him/her.
    Its better to teach the living on the best way to serve God.

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      1. Death is a metaphor for a way living appears in the story of the Prodigal son. Twice the prodigal’s father describes the prodigal as having been dead(Luke 15:24,32).
        Obviously the prodigal was ‘alive’ while he was in “the far country”. But life in “the far country ” According to the Bible we can be Dead though alive.
        Are you Dead or Alive.

        Thanks for your Word.

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  2. I love this . We start living eternity life right here on earth so we need to thoroughly equip ourselves. There is no change of character in the grave and no change of it either at the resurrection so we need to use our probationary life wisely.

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  3. A great piece at such a time the UoNSDA Church is mourning it’s berieved members , Friends and family.
    We pray that we put our houses in Order in preparation for the eternal life .
    My condolences to the berieved.

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  4. After I saw this I remember ask my friends around why people talk so nice about the dead as a recommendation to a job or something. It’s all nothing it’s not even necessary. We better get to focus on the available living crowd.

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