What You Need to Consider Before You Decide on Your Career Path

A choice of career is a very important decision that will affect your life as long as you’re alive. It is one of the most important choices you have to make in your life since it will be part of you forever unless you decide to drop it along the way. Choosing a career is akin to making a choice of marriage partner. Whereas in making a marriage decision, you can make a wrong choice, there is no wrong choice of a career, but you may do well and be more impactful in one career than in another. It is therefore very important that you fit well in a career path that will help you be more impactful and that can afford you a space at a round table with the high and mighty. You don’t need to go through the pains of dropping out of a career as many do, after investing a lot of time. However, if you realise you’re in the wrong career, there is no harm in getting to your best still. It is never too late to jump out of a “wrong” career.

Before you make a choice about your career, you may need to consider the following:


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What are your areas of interest? What are those activities which give you satisfaction? One’s areas of interest is a very important consideration. Doing even what you enjoy from time to time can prove monotonous, and this can be exacerbated if you are in a profession that you are enduring instead of enjoying. There comes a time when you will need an inner charge to keep you on top of your performance. 

Have you seen people doing what they don’t love? Reflect back and see the tutor who was always being pushed to be available for their lessons? Compare them with the one who seems omnipresent till a sample of lazy bodies in your class got mad? Ever punctual and in case they miss due to unavoidable circumstances, they will always find a way to compensate. This is where interests make a difference.  The former, apart from other underlying issues, has no invested interests in their particular area, while the latter apart from other underlying ambitions, is working from a point of vested interest. 

Look around and you will see a lot of teachers who are jobless but are not willing to be in class, hence spending forever trying to secure a space in the flooded corporate world. It can be easy to blame them and wonder what a graduate of bachelor of arts in English and literature is doing tarmacking in Silicon valley, but thiers could be an issue of career mismatch. Respect your areas of interest. It will keep you going when the paycheck decreases in its total value, or if delays.

Unique Abilities

What are those things that come out to you naturally? Those things that when people need to be done they think about you? The areas that people almost always confuse you to be in. You could do very well to consider pitching yourself in such an area. Don’t get worried about the figures. Many people make the terrible mistake of going for the career which pays the most. For instance, Doctors and Engineers seem to be having a good time. You may be tempted to pursue neurosurgery because of its bombarding rewards. However, there is a hidden danger here. You will not be the best in this well-paying career, and no one will hire you, and people only pay for service done. 

If you’re a gifted singer, stop wasting time in the school of economics or medicine. If you are a good artist, you could consider fine arts or architecture. Your unique abilities will make it easier for you to be the best in your particular area, and when you are the best, you will exert maximum impact, and definitely, this will translate into more money. People are not looking for those who want more money, instead, they are looking for the best problem solvers. If you find something you can be the best in, don’t barter it with what looks more promising at the face value. 

Voids and Gaps

Have you seen a problem somewhere that no one has sufficiently solved?  Have you been disappointed somewhere when you really needed to have something done? These are enticing ideas that can inform your career decisions. Aligning your trade in a way that will equip you to solve such an existing gap, is a golden opportunity that you should not dare waste. 

I cannot find a better case study than Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty’s Narayana Health which has answered Cardiac health issues in the Indian community and is even going global. India as a country is highly affected by coronary diseases, and  Narayana health has pitched itself to solve not only the existing health problem but has gone further to make it affordable even for the poor. This is a case where a profession meets the needs of the people. When people are satisfied, and you get your reward, this is a life well-lived, and it leaves behind a reverberating legacy. 

Image: NarayanaHealth.org

You can as well zoom into your community and see the existing institutional voids and make something grand about it. 

You can now sit down and re-evaluate your career choices and find out something that will help you make a difference. Consider not only yourself but also humanity at large. Consider how your career path will make the world a better place in a way that no one else has, or not less than someone else has. It is over to you now, and I wish you success as you continue with the search.

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