She is Not Gonna Be My Valentine

I have a girlfriend.
She is a very beautiful girl.
I don’t lack words to describe her.
She is a rare find, a real dime piece.
She is a jewel classified with topaz and onyx stones,
If she were to be a flower, I would call her primrose,
Instead, she is none of these.
She is a queen of our kingdom,
She is my favourite girl,
She is my favourite destination when the day is dying in the west,
She is my best friend, she can’t sleep before I tell her I’m safely home,
Apart from my mum, she is the other human being that gets sick when I am between a rock and a hard place,
She is lovable, and she knows what to do to keep my smile permanent,
She is a host of beauty choreographed by a master designer.
But she is not gonna be my valentine.
How can I give her flowers only one day in her year?
How can I take her out only once a year?
How can I put her on the billboard when all lovebirds are being posted?
I want to make every minute I spend with her a valentine,
I will take her to a garden of flowers as often as is practically possible,
And when the streets are cleared, and thoroughfares geared,
Then I will walk her out again,
With arms locked and steps calculated,
We will walk the talk, and talk the walk.

23 thoughts on “She is Not Gonna Be My Valentine

  1. Great bt shld be read with understanding 🤗

    As the topic suggests 😚

    “She’s not gonna be my Valentine”

    Love is important every single day and should be celebrated as often as possible!

    The story of the origin of valentine’s Day is very castigating..
    ” The dark origin of valentine’s Day”

    Liked by 1 person

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