If I Had a Chance to Preach in a Funeral

If I had a chance to preach in a funeral,I would ignore the dead,Not because of disrespect,But because my most tantalising articulations are too late for them,If they were my friends,I would tell everyone who care to listen,The precious memories we shared with them,I would speak as much as I can remember of their goodness,Any […]

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What You Need to Consider Before You Decide on Your Career Path

A choice of career is a very important decision that will affect your life as long as you’re alive. It is one of the most important choices you have to make in your life since it will be part of you forever unless you decide to drop it along the way. Choosing a career is akin to making a choice of marriage partner. Whereas in making a marriage decision, you can make a wrong choice, there is no wrong choice of a career, but you may do well and be more impactful in one career than in another. It is therefore very important that you fit well in a career path that will help you be more impactful and that can afford you a space at a round table with the high and mighty. You don’t need to go through the pains of dropping out of a career as many do, after investing a lot of time. However, if you realise you’re in the wrong career, there is no harm in getting to your best still. It is never too late to jump out of a “wrong” career.

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Whatever you are so good in, the direction is important. You must pull in the right direction and with the rest. You could be radiating the most solemn basso profundo with stable resonance and captivating timbre, but when you don’t harmonize with the rest, you can be so annoying and boring. A Skilled athlete who does not follow the pattern of the team is wasteful and will attract the wrath of the fans.  There is beauty in being orderly and manageable. 


She is Not Gonna Be My Valentine

I have a girlfriend.She is a very beautiful girl.I don’t lack words to describe her.She is a rare find, a real dime piece.She is a jewel classified with topaz and onyx stones,If she were to be a flower, I would call her primrose,Instead, she is none of these.She is a queen of our kingdom,She is […]

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A crooked stick is not very useful for drawing. It keeps on making crooked lines and unwarranted mistakes which was not to be the case. This is true, especially if the person handling the stick is an ignoramus in art. However, the hands of an accomplished artist may make a difference.  On the same note, […]