The ability to wait patiently for things to fall in place at the fullness of time is something that is highly appreciated. Those who can withstand the unpleasantness of the here and now in preparation for the sweet by and by are considered men and women of stellar moral convictions. You have heard that men and women of experience recommend the concept of delayed gratification, especially to youths and teens trying to crack the code of life.

For instance, many young people are enlisting themselves for a life of uselessness and dishonour, by demanding to have their thirsts quenched. Toxic relationships, built on the shaky foundation of coital contact, are an example of impatience that goes unrebuked among the millennials. The hunger for a financial breakthrough has driven many people to unlawful ventures, which is a recipe for premature death. While the gone generation seemed to understand that patience pays, ours seems to find patience too slow. Like the prodigal son, they want the old man dead by requesting their bequest while he is still alive.

To people of all age groups and age sets, it is beneficial to appreciate the patience with which things fall into place. We all need the goodies of life. Nevertheless, it beats logic to imagine that we will all get them simultaneously or when we think we really need them. The world is not rich enough to simultaneously put honey and milk on everyone’s table. While some are enjoying the honeycomb now, others may have to try some ginger and lemon as they wait for their turn to get a pint of the honey. It is safe to accept this undeniable fact. But what is often the case? People raise arms and knock cold those with honey and pretend they are enjoying the honeycomb gained at the expense of others, forcing on themselves the burden of cognitive dissonance.

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All these notwithstanding, sometimes delay becomes terribly unsafe. There are a few exceptions to the concept of patience, and we need to know them. How do you patiently drop a hot metal held by mistake? Who does not jump from a nail sat on in oblivion? These are those examples where patience is indeed too slow. I will highlight a few things that cannot be safely delayed.

Running Out of a House on Fire🔥.

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Have you been in a burning house? It is not a pretty scene. It’s a place of perils untold. No speed governor is needed to regulate the pace of a man running out of a house on fire. Any more delay is like playing with death. Death is not funny. Any unwarranted delays are suicidal. The world is likened to a house on fire. Sinners are gathering in bundles, ready to be consumed by hellfire. Why are you so comfortable in a house on fire?

Stopping Addiction.

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If there are people who have never seen the joy of clear conscience, they are those who are addicted even to a glass of liquor. But even worse are the terrible chains of besetting sins. Our generation has several bullies in the form of Social Media platforms, porn, substance abuse, etc. Any further delay in the fight for freedom from these tyrants is no safe delay. Any addiction cherished becomes a little more difficult to stop by and by. Concerning addictive substances, it is extremely unsafe to delay the breakaway.

Deciding to Take Life seriously.
Is seriousness with life a matter of concern? Well yes. It is not austere to give life the seriousness it deserves. Seriousness is not synonymous with sadness. It has to do with doing what you’re supposed to do when you are supposed to do it. It has to do with responsibility and commitment to duty. If people were to give life the seriousness it deserves, the common problems of life would be reduced by more than double. Such issues as toxic relationships are evidence of a lack of seriousness in life. Don’t delay a walk to the path of seriousness.

Makinging a Decision About The Hero Missing in the Guinness World Records.

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I’m trying to consider anything more important than a decision about Jesus, and I literally cannot see. This is to the entire humanity, irrespective of the profession of faith. Even if you are an atheist, a pagan, or any non-christian religious group, you must decide about Christ. Christ has stood tall in the heart of human history. Look at our times? We say BC/BCE (Before Circa/ Before Christian Era) and AD(Anno domini; in the year of our Lord) in our count of years. He will influence your life even if you have not intelligently made a decision to be a Christian. The only options we have when Christ is mentioned are two; Crown him King of Kings and Lord of Lords, or Crucify Him. We must not delay a decision about Jesus. We must do it urgently. It is so urgent that any delay makes it difficult to make the right decision, and if we try to be neutral, we are counted with those who have crucified Him.

This work of individual purification of character cannot be safely delayed…. With confession and prayer, take your stand to be wholly the Lord’s henceforth and forever…. We cannot afford to delay this work of confession and humbling of soul, that our offerings may be acceptable unto God. Fullness of joy is to be found in an entire surrender to God”

—My Life Today P. 32

There could be more. Find out anything else that cannot be safely delayed and purpose to be in time. Life, at best is very brief; it withers sooner than we are ready to see it go. It will be safer to be in time in our decisions, choices, and convictions about life. A little delay, a little fidgeting, will make it more difficult for you to decide right. Find out the safe paths to follow, and then follow them religiously.


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