An Open Letter to Everyone who Made their New Year’s Resolutions

Hello, From:

The Cleaver of Truth,


Everyone Who Made Their New Year’s Resolution,

2023 New Year’s Resolutions


Hello, good morning? How are you? How’s the year 2023 so far? Do you have a reason to be glad, or perhaps there is a reason for a little shadow over the nest? What do you have to say about the possibilities that await us this year based on your prophetic persuasions? At least I can cling to the power of prior information. I know the end of the story, so I can be safe in the meantime. I don’t mean that things will be velvet smooth or easier than the previous years, but I know the end of the story. So my greatest concern is to remain on the winning side through my daily choices and plans, not once, but all the way through. 

Yet again, dear friend, I am concerned about your resolutions for this novel year. A year that is spread open before us to be useful and ready to be reliable when privileged to serve. What are your resolutions for the year 2023?  Are they realistic, and are you proposing to remain faithful to the end? By the way,  how do they stand sixteen days into the new year?

Are they safe? Or have you betrayed them all? And could it be that now you’re looking forward to trying again come 2023?

If you made your resolutions and are still faithful to them, bravo! Otherwise, what next? Those still on the battlefield, raising a stand for the right, please keep up. But I will give a little counsel that will cushion the successful ones and resuscitate the failures like you or your friend. 

 Research suggests that most people do not keep their resolutions beyond the second week of the new year. This is especially true for those dealing with addictions and behavioural disorders. Or those trying to establish new habits that will make them top achievers. Why is it so? 

External Influence

You should always remember that there are a lot of factors beyond your influence that determine your coping mechanisms. We are woven together in the great web of humanity, and we are not Islands. No drunkard, smoker, or dean of promiscuity, sustains these life-destroying habits for themselves. There are forces beyond them trying to keep them hooked to the practice because their quitting means a business loss. For instance, look at this scary fact: 

A new bale, more intriguing and pocket friendly, is released into the market when you want to quit. Most advertising executives know this has to do with new year’s resolutions. Poor you!

Emotional Influence

Most people who practice bad behaviour do not always enjoy it. I have met a lamenting drunkard who could not be sober for a day. Within one to two hours of sobriety, he would express his desire to quit and cite how the habit was pulling him away from success and usefulness, which he did while in tears. A few hours later, his emotional resolutions came down, tumbling like the walls of Jericho. When you feel wasted and destroyed by a bad habit, you may declare the past the last dart. however, when you get high and jolly, you will likely crown it with another round and lie to yourself again that it is ‘the very last.’ So don’t decide when you are emotional about your failures or little success. This is the same as budgeting when famishing or full. You’re liable to overestimate your needs when empty and underestimate them when full.

Emotional extremes

Planless Plight

The worst thing you could ever do to yourself is to engage in an activity without the treatment plan. Most people decide to say no to a bad deal and just sit there thinking saying no to seeds of death is enough. But they don’t engage in pursuing the right doing. They just hope things will proceed in autopilot mode. You must back up your resolutions with an execution plan. Don’t just sit on a comfortable coach and hope that things will fall into place. If it takes effort to sustain a misdeed, how dare you propose to sustain a good one on zero effort!

No Plan!

So what next? I will give you the cleaver’s solution.

Cleaver’s Solution to Rescue Your Resolutions

I would tell you that all is well. You are back in the muck and mire you proposed to kick away, don’t wait for 2024. You can always do it at any time. It is a deadly deal to feel called to emotionally quit a habit at the beginning of the year. Remember, we live in hours, days, weeks, and months. All these turn into years. All these are privileges for a new beginning. The first week of January may have been disappointing, but remember you have the second week too. If January has messed you up, think of February. If yesterday was a disappointment, appreciate the privilege of being alive today, and do it differently. Don’t wait till the new year to try again. Every microsecond, second, minute, hour, day, week, month, the year is a privilege for the newness of purpose and character. You may be a failure yesterday, but any right motive and act today makes God glad he created you. You can live your life in years, but as well in microseconds. You have a wide range of time privileges dangling in the gamut subtended by a second and a year time frame to be a good person. Use that which works for you. An hour without evil thoughts, a day of perfect sobriety, a week without touching that well stood around sin, should call for celebration. 

If you have made a mistake so far, don’t spoil the remaining 300+ days because of a week’s failure. It is uncalled for. I am almost persuaded that a new year’s resolution is a tool of enslavement. When they fail within the first week of January, most people sacrifice the remaining days of the year and the untouched eleven months. This is absolute slavery. I am here to tell you that you can always come home. Every new hour, day, week, and month is a privilege to try again. Make plans to be more useful with every privilege because it won’t last forever. At every opportunity, do your best. Your best is good enough.

From The Cleaver of Truth, we wish you a fruitful new year. A New year has dawned. May it be for usefulness and faithfulness to duty as the needle is to the pole. 

Yours Truly,


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