Is Time Wasting a Sin?

Time is a scarce resource. We don’t have it to expend just as we wish to, and any misuse or misallocation cannot be recovered. If you lose money, you may by thrift and tact recoup it back. If you lose a spouse, you may get another. If you lose a job, you may get another. However, if you lose time, it’s gone. No more chance of getting it back. Every time within our disposal has been allocated to some useful labor, and this is why we cannot recover it by reallocation since all the remaining time is occupied. 

Human beings were created for a specific purpose. In a world without sin, humanity was to be proved worthy of obedience by being monitored during the probationary period. The worst happened and the human family had all these pains to deal with. The fall has made it even more difficult for a man to be accomplished and fully prepared to relate with God. 

The time granted us is fully occupied for a specific goal. Some people will have 100 years to do it, others like Methuselah had 969 years, and you also have a definite time to do it—life lifespan. To all of us, thus goes the assignment:

Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. {KJV Ecclesiastes 12:13}

This, we must do with our entire life and strength. We don’t have a sabbatical on this. From the time we get the ability to make decisions and understand the will of God, we have an assignment of maintaining a life of obedience perfect and perpetual. We are not excused even for a day to do our own will, which because of the fall of Adam, is biased towards sin. 

What is ‘Time wasting’?

To waste time is to spend time doing an activity other than the one allotted. The activity may be right, healthy, and acceptable to society, but because it is not done in its time, it amounts to time-wasting. On the positive side, reading a good book when the time should find you in bed is time-wasting. Adding twenty minutes to your lunch break is time-wasting. Watching a movie, when you are supposed to be on the pitch playing some sport, is time-wasting. Attending a Bible study, when you are supposed to be in the choir or vice versa, is time-wasting. Snoozing the alarm, and earning five more minutes on the bed is a serious time-wasting that many of us are guilty of. Once again, time-wasting refers to employing time in an activity that it was not allocated for. How often do you waste time? Grow up! 

Is Time Wasting sinful?

Most Bible students are familiar with two definitions of sin:

Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the law: for sin is the transgression of the law. {KJV 1 John 3:4}
Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin. {KJV James 4:17}

Sin is the transgression of the law, or betraying our conscience as far as right-doing is concerned. If you know what you’re supposed to do, and you don’t do it, that amounts to sin. Someone else may be safe and be excused because of their lack of information, but with information at our disposal, we have a moral responsibility to do right.

What about wasting time? Could it be the third definition?  The consequences of time-wasting are not easily seen or realized by many till when time is over.  Most people realize too late how costly their simple carelessness was.  Most people will understand this more fully, when the sands of time are run, and they are not ready to meet the Great I AM. We have enough examples even today. As a student, you have been spending your academic calendar on activities outside the academic scope, only to be confronted with exams when you’re not ready, and yet sure to be able to do better when given another chance. You have spent a lot of time with the damsel of your dreams, but you have never shot your shot, only to be awakened from your emotional lethargy by the statement, “Bestie, meet my boyfriend!” Time is over, and you have not used it well, and you’re sure if given another chance, you can do better. Nevertheless, time is gone, and you can’t help, but write another chapter of Lamentations. Your testimony can be summarised in the message of the Prophet of doom:

The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved. {KJV Jeremiah 8:20}

Your entire life is to be used to learn how to relate with God. At the end of the age, the Bible presents two groups of people. The first group is ripe for eternal life, the other is ripe for eternal damnation. While the former rejoice when Christ descends with the Clouds, the latter asks rocks to fall on them, or crocodiles to eat them, but no rock wants to fall on anyone, nor do crocodiles eat people anymore.  Those who have used their time well, are singing redemption songs, whereas the time-wasters are mourning and writing their own epitaphs. 

With this in mind, I want to make a bold statement; thus goes my thesis: “Time wasting is sinful, and many will realize it when it is too late that the lesson learned cannot bring any virtue to self.” You only have one probation granted. In it, all that can be done to make you ready to meet your God must and should be done. There is no greater heartbreak 💔 than realizing that you have wasted the privilege of doing better because of carelessness. 

In your entire lifetime, there is no minute, hour, or day which has been granted for sinning. Anytime you commit sin, the time has been misused, and privileges abused.  Day by day commit yourself to use your time in activities that make you better. There have been a lot of activities done which God did not grant us time to do. A lot of adultery has been committed yet there is no time in our lives slotted for adultery. A lot of backbiting and fault-finding has been done, yet God did not grant us time for that. A  lot of corrupt deals have been planned yet no time is available for that in our short probationary period. There is something you have done, and you may be planning to do, which God did not grant you time for. Reconsider how you use your time!

“For all knowledge that we might have gained but did not, there will be an eternal loss, even if we do not lose our souls.”

—Special Testimonies to Our Ministers., P. 5

35 thoughts on “Is Time Wasting a Sin?

      1. Wooooow this is powerful thanks for the enlightenment ……”The activity may be right, healthy, and acceptable to society, but because it is not done in its time, it amounts to time-wasting.”

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    1. What an owesome thought ..For the question Are you wasting tine is a question worth million dollars….and the brother has meticulously outlined it…

      Lest We Forget

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  1. This is a noteworthy piece. Time wasting is as serious as practicing satanic rituals and should be avoid at the expense of all emotional attachments to pleasure.
    @ Great work here Prof. K’Owili B. A.

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  2. “Time wasting is sinful, and many will realize it when it is too late that the lesson learned cannot bring any virtue to self.”..This is indeed a very powerful writ.I ought to be disciplined towards my timetable now,lest I sin😌😌.

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  3. Golden thought here. Time wasted can never be recovered but consequences of time wasted will live on . I’ve abused time innumerable times and with this I pledge to be a good steward henceforth . May God help me .

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  4. Nice message here. Wisdom demands that every person be a good steward of time, lest we sin by wasting it. I’m glad you had to share this thought.

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