You Better Get You Ready!

You have made it through the steep slope, 

And on the top, you are gloriously standing,

Basking on the warmth of the glorious summit,


Only remember one thing,

After the peak comes another depression,

A threatening precipice or a gorge it may be,

So, while you are celebrating your accomplishment,

Remember to have your mirth responsibly,

In fact, you would be on the safer side if you begin warming up,

For obstacles on your way up,

Are always different  from those on your down, 

You better get you ready!

You have knocked the enemy cold,

Set his camp on fire,

And a crown you have on your head,

Shinin with an unmatched glory,


Only remember this one thing,

Today’s victory is good only for today’s battle,

Tomorrow’s battle need another strategy,

It may have been easier today because the opponent miss strategized,

Your success tomorrow must solely depend on your strategy,

Don’t expect another costly mistake,

Get ready for the rematch!

Sometimes success calls for a different tune,

A tune of preparing for the next battles,

Not conviviality and gaiety,

Wounded beasts should not be taken for granted,

So if you have wedged your previous wars on a day’s exercise,

You must scale it to two or more in the subsequent battles,

Or you will be found tactically obsolete.

If you have whipped the demon assigned to pave your way to hell,

Prepare to face the devil himself, 

He may not delegate duties again!

11 thoughts on “You Better Get You Ready!

  1. Heeeeeeeeeh…if I haven’t learnt this the hard way!!! For truuueeee may have knocked the enemy cold today but get ready for a rematch becaaaaauuuussssse !!😂😂😂😂😂😂wueh…Beautiful piece!! I love it!!! My kiss favorite so far. Keep up with the cleaver @Kowili. Blessings!!

    Liked by 1 person

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