Christmas Then and Now

I don’t have a problem with anyone who plans not to celebrate Christmas especially if one does so in the Spirit of Sola Scriptura. It is safe for a Bible Christian to avoid anything not authorised by Scriptures. However, if you decide to celebrate, then you must remember a few things:

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Your Best is Good Enough

There is always room for improvement,As we see in the appraisal letters,As well you can be promised better,If you put more effort next time,And it seems it is almost taking another shape,Being a vicious circle of an upward look,With a margin of improvement yet again,Being dangled unto us soliciting our reach,And to many we are […]

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Is Time Wasting a Sin?

To waste time is to spend time doing an activity other than the one allotted. The activity may be right, healthy, and acceptable to society, but because it is not done in its time, it amounts to time-wasting. On the positive side, reading a good book when the time should find you in bed is time-wasting. Adding twenty minutes to your lunch break is time-wasting. Watching a movie, when you are supposed to be on the pitch playing some sport, is time-wasting. Attending a Bible study, when you are supposed to be in the choir or vice versa, is time-wasting. Snoozing the alarm, and earning five more minutes on the bed is a serious time-wasting that many of us are guilty of. Once again, time-wasting refers to employing time in an activity that it was not allocated for. How often do you waste time?

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Eternal Life; is it Possible?

Many people doubt the possibility of eternal life because they are misled on how it will be sustained. Many think of eternal life as simply hocus pocus. In their false imagination, they think God will simply say, “May Ossie live forever” as we sometimes fool our kings, and it just happens like that. However we can learn more about this by reading the unquestionable authority—the word of God.

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Three Irreducible Minimums in a Relationship.

Relationships are increasingly becoming hard to handle. This is not only as far as romance is concerned, but even more than that, poor relationships at work, the family, and humanity in general. Everyone seems skewed towards self and not cognizant of others anymore. Once self has been satisfied, anyone else doesn’t matter. Even further, most people are ignorant of what it means to be in a toxic relationship. Like the lost coin, they are lost but unaware that they are lost.

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You Better Get You Ready!

You have made it through the steep slope,  And on the top, you are gloriously standing, Basking on the warmth of the glorious summit, Congratulations, Only remember one thing, After the peak comes another depression, A threatening precipice or a gorge it may be, So, while you are celebrating your accomplishment, Remember to have your […]

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A Leave You Shouldn’t Take

The paradox of time and money is what makes leaves and sabbaticals quite attractive. Some even skewes their leaves to one side of the year to make it meaningful and satisfactory. Instead of having it piecemeal in terms of a few days, some will gather them and go on a one month leave. Holidays are good times to spend with family and friends, and generally to unwind and find yourself again.

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The “Mali Safi” Problem

There is some degree of beauty that is bold and flamboyant. It calls for no debate; everyone agrees that ‘there goes the real stuff’. A host of pulchritude and accuracy of all proportions. Every honest man looks at her and leaves an unsolicited review, “what a dime piece!”

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