Five Secrets To Happiness That Anyone Can Afford.

Happiness and abundant life is one thing that most people find far from their reach. A lot of people think they could afford it if they had more money than their current financial obligations. Others believe, if they had the sweetest spouse, they could achieve self-actualization. Others think they can find it in publicity and grandeur. So people try reaching out to all these things, and the majority end up stressed or even sad because there seem to be endless voids in their hearts. 

Could there be something that can make a difference and which anyone can afford? What is the essence of hiding happiness in the Maldives, Acapulco, or Seychelles, so that only a sample of the entire third planet can afford it? I tend to think that everyone can afford real happiness. Some of these things available only to the high and mighty are sometimes a spoiler; they create unnatural appetites and a spirit of competition that withers up the currents of life. 

I want to give you five secrets to happiness that everyone can afford. If it is above your reach, you only have one person to blame; the person you see in the mirror. These tidbits are not secrets because they are miserly hoarded somewhere, but because most of us don’t think about them when we think about happiness. So, what are they?

  • Avoid Spaces Where You Are Not Celebrated.

If there is something that all human beings share in common, it is the fact that we like being celebrated. It is fulfilling hearing statements like “I like your choice of adjectives,” “You have a nice name,” “You are so beautiful.” We thrive in celebration and appreciation. On the same note, we have those places and spaces where we are served scorn and humiliation. We are reminded that what we have to offer is not good enough. We are confronted with the fact that we are not good enough. Haven’t you felt out of place in some space you are struggling to fit in? Look at that relationship you’re forcing, and things just can’t work. You have turned their inbox into a dustbin of ‘hi.’ They don’t seem sensitive to your need for conversation. You know they are avoiding you, but you keep on trying and even begging their attention. Maybe I can celebrate you and award you with a Ph.D. in engineering; you are an engineer of your own sadness! To be happy, avoid spaces where you are not celebrated.

  • The Consciousness of Right-doing.

This is something most people do not know. Sometimes we think we will be the happiest if we tune the frequencies of mirth and bliss so-called. We try getting satisfaction in running a fleet of romantic partners or even turning voyeuristic; I can’t get a better definition of happiness killer than these shortcuts. Some try grabbing everything that can be grabbed to make themselves dynasties, after which they are worried about making a mistake that can make them a big pauper. But to all those seeking pleasure in the forbidden ground, here is your dose: 

“The consciousness of right-doing is the best medicine for diseased bodies and minds.”

Mind, Character, and Personality, Vol 1, P. 34.

 In everything you do, ensure no heinous motives or self-centered prospects motivate you. Doing what is right may not be respected by the sagging morals of these times, but there is no true happiness in defying our convicted moral principles. The happiest people are not the ones who seem to be in the hot parties with dazzling sights and tempting sounds, but those who have a clear conscience with everything and everyone. 

  • Giving Your Absolute Best Everywhere.

Sometimes we create room for unpleasantries of life by denying ourselves the privileges of our complete effort. The majority of human beings are willing to lift a finger on duties which demands quickened loins and engaged muscles. Sometimes you are not celebrated because there is much you could do, but you’re swimming in slothfulness. Let it be that you have done the very best you could do and fail to get appreciation because the one in charge of raising the achiever’s flag is malicious. In most cases, our very best will attract appreciation. We can achieve a lot if we engage our entire being in whatever we do. To put it succinctly, our very best will always be good enough to an unbiased appraisal. If you have done your best, you have a right to be happy even if no one recognizes it. The reverse could be true too

  • Living Within Your Means.

All of us want the very best of everything. However, there is an egregious trait with people who don’t have the financial ability—expensive appetites with shallow pockets. In contrast, many Tycoons go for simple things, which is a debatable concept and another issue altogether. All factors held constant; it is safe to live within your means. Ensure you only order for the things you can afford. You should realize that we all would love to have our honeymoon in the Maldives, but we all can’t afford it. Don’t go into debts, overstretching to finance your expensive appetites. From the honeymoon, you will divorce because you cannot eat love. Whatever the pressure, just live within your means. There are a lot of good things that you can afford with that thin paycheck. Find out what that is and force your appetite to conform.

  • Learning a New Thing

Did you know that learning a new thing is therapeutic? It is also a safe, rewarding system because you’re the one to decide if you have learned or not. Having learning objectives adds color to life and makes yourself more valuable than the day before. It may not be rocket science, but even a small thing like making an international call. The slight sense of accomplishment that comes with new knowledge, when gathered cumulatively, will make your life a happy one. No one is too poor to learn a new thing. 

Who can’t afford the above tidbits? If you show me that person, then happiness is a scam!

18 thoughts on “Five Secrets To Happiness That Anyone Can Afford.

  1. “The consciousness of right doing is the best medicine for diseased bodies and minds” what a message!
    The right thing, at the right time, the right place and intention.
    Thanks for today’s dose.

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  2. A major key to happiness- and internal peace- is knowing you’ve done whatever it took to earn your rewards and passionately invested the effortful audacity to become your best.
    – The 5AM Club
    That was point no.3 in this article

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  3. Thanks for the eye opener, honestly I can’t fail to afford these 5 sources of happiness, what we often find hard sometimes is doing our best even if noone recognizes it , powerful!

    Liked by 1 person

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