We have had to endure cold,
And wander in privation untold,
We have hard to settle for spaces flint,
With comfort but a pint,
We have had to maintain our fidelity,
When the chords around sing infidelity,
What about hostility to piety?
In all the feasts of gaiety?
So we must crack our heads all the time,
Finding an excuse to let go of the dime,
That we may remain fealty,
And not guilty,
Of Crimes that we can avoid,
And leave no more void.

But it is worth it,
Holding on tight.
While the Winter has been scary,
We will the lessons carry,
So that we can, with glee,
Enjoy the summer’s lee,
It may take long,
Like unto one who has married wrong,
But the evidence suggests,
It will be truer than gests,
For One never touched by sade,
Has beforehand said,
“Let not your heart be troubled,”
He will revitalize you though rubbled,
Though lynched by pauperism,
Or fettered by imperialism,
Yet you he will set free,
Eternally to walk carefree,
Indeed Summertime is knocking,
Get you ready to meet your King.

“Should we fail in our character building, we shall lose eternal life… It is not necessary for us to gain strength a month ahead. We are to conquer from day to day… This earth is the place of preparation for heaven. The time spent here is the Christian’s winter. Here the chilly winds of affliction blow upon us, and the waves of trouble roll against us. But in the near future, when Christ comes, sorrow and sighing will be forever ended. Then will be the Christian’s summer.”
–Our Father Cares, P. 311


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